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Cox failed to migrate all Email account information to new platform and Server has issues

Accounts impacted: All - Primary personal account: Elks Non Profit Organization Newspaper: 

Email Critical Problem CUI 8078520

Problem: Cox failed to migrate all account information to new platform - contacts and groups missing, sent folder missing, all mail appearing in Spam Folder and Incoming Mail simultaneously, Cox email server is slow to respond if at all, Explorer Ads running deliver "long running script error", Chrome has no ads but is slow to respond as well and has all of the same problems. Essentially, all Cox email accounts are non-usable.

Android Phone has Cox account email sent folders intact 

History: Encountered new platform and problems on May 26th. Started "Chat" May 27th, unable to determine the server issue. Chat help suggested that the email problem is a modem problem. Service Tech sent May 28th, no trouble found. Called Cox 1-866-867-7644 and was told it would be 3-5 days to answer the problems on this ticket. No communication from May 28th to present via email, text or phone from Cox. Called today June 4th 866-867-7644 (Lenaysha), call escalated to "next level" (Darien) who said "Cox email service is a courtesy fro Cox" and that "nothing can be done, cannot call anyone else at Cox, he can "only send an email to the Cox email support group" (if Cox email doesn't work is this a solution??!!!).  So, please wait .......

Impact: The Elks Monthly  Newspaper is run through the Cox email. All of my 15 years of contacts, accounts and emails with Cox do not work. We cannot function. We are beginning our paper cycle June 7th.

My personal account has critical communications from Billings, insurance, accounts that is not working!!!!

This is about as big an email problem as possible.

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