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SENT Emails Successfully Reaching bcc parties but NOT the intended "TO" recipient

 After adding my email “issue” to the helpful on-going

... I’ve decided to also post my email difficulties separately - in hopes of catching the attention of a Cox tech who is able to decipher the problem and offer a fix.

This issue is related to one I originally posted about a month ago: changing the port from 465 to 587 (with TLS enabled) as suggested - and now ONLY accessing my email account via, I thought my email troubles were resolved as I would no longer get the pop-up message:  

! An error occurred inside the server which prevented it from fulfilling the request.

BUT... I’ve since learned that a large majority of my emails (not all) do not reach their destination.  They show up in my “sent” folder - but the intended recipients have repeatedly confirmed they are not received.   Since switching from port 465 to 587, I’ve made it a practice to bcc my husband’s work and email accounts - as a check to see if my emails are getting out.  He receives the blind copies of my outgoing emails just fine - but the intended recipient doesn’t receive my email.  What makes this so hard to trouble-shoot is the fact that other emails to other parties go through without issue.  The only standout detail that I’ve been able to identify with two of the recipients who are not getting my emails is that both have Comcast accounts (one is in TX - one in PA).  Don’t know why this should be a factor - but throwing this detail out there just in case it helps shed some light on how I can fix this.   

Will also add:  I spoke (by phone) with a Cox IT Support tech again this morning about the issue above - was told I should go to the web site: and enter my IP address and request it be "delisted" - as that was potentially the reason why my emails were not being received by my contacts whose email addresses were through  Not an IT person, myself, but registering my IP address to be "delisted" through doesn't seem like a step one should have to take simply to ensure a typical, day-to-day email exchange with friends.

Would welcome feedback on this particular email “sending” issue as well as the suggestion by Cox.  Thanks in advance.

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