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Intermittent Email send/receive failures with POP3 - Usual issue every few months - PLEASE FIX

For the past couple weeks now, I've been experiencing the infamous & intermittent email send/receive failures, like many other customers in these forums have been reporting.

My system specs:
Windows 10 Pro x64, version 1809, all updates installed
MS Windows Defender active, no other security packages
MS Office Outlook 2007
Cox Internet Preferred package

My issues:
For the past couple weeks, my various Cox email accounts have intermittent problems sending or receiving emails through Outlook 2007. When receiving emails, I'll get the Outlook pop-up error window stating the infamous 'Enter Network Password'.

This issue happens consistently, all day long with all my Cox email accounts...then emails will suddenly work again temporarily...then the issue reappears, rinse &'s an ongoing cycle of working/not working throughout the day for the past couple weeks now.

I don't bother calling Support about this because they usually blame Outlook and do nothing about it. It's not an Outlook problem...or a Windows Defender problem, or a security setting problem. Everything works great, when it works...then this sudden issue pops once or twice a year, as so many other customers have been reporting. And as mentioned by other customers, Cox somewhat acknowledges that they know about this problem with email and it's been kicked upstairs for a harder look.

In the past, I've reset my Outlook settings for the Cox emails, tried different settings and ports according to the Cox email support docs, and even deleted my Cox email account profiles within Outlook and recreated them (in case they were corrupted). Nothing has worked.

This happens regularly, so please Cox...don't ask the usual questions about using Webmail, trying another computer, etc. We know, and you know, this has been a persistent, recurring issue with Cox email accounts for many years and these suggestions don't work or fix anything. Usually, Cox Support hems & haws and says they're working on it...or they wrongly blame Outlook...and nothing gets resolved.

Eventually, somewhere in the deep basement of Cox, some tech support genius who lives down there, does something that magically fixes the issue.

I pay a lot of money every month and expect working email. Please fix this email issues ASAP.

Thank you.