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Cox Alert - Email is about to expire

I received the following message. Was this really from Cox?

Cox Alert - Email is about to expire
Account Number: _
Note: If you did not authorize this activity, please contact us immediately to ensure that your personal

information is protected. You should also:

Action is required on your account because your email is about to expire.

To avoid account termination, you are required to update your account with us now.

• download the attachment to update your account with us.

  • That does not sound like a legitimate email, we would never ask you to download an attachment like that. Please forward this email as an attachment to

    Cox Support Forum Moderator
  • It's poorly written and confusing, which are signs of malice from another country.

    First, it lists 4 different actions to take:  contact us, action required, update and download.

    Second, what's the status of the account?  Is it unprotected, about to expire, to be terminated or requires an update?

    Third, why would you need to download an attachment to update your account?  Why not just logon and update.

    This is a poor attempt to infect your computer/network with a malevolent attachment as well as collect your personal/account information.

    Good call to question it.

  • I received the exact same email yesterday.

  • Spam and scam!!!!!!!!!!!