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Data usage discrepancy

Recently, I have discovered that my data usage has been excessive.  Consistently, I have been using about 10-15 GB per day and about 300 GB per month.  Now, as of mid-February, I am using 50-100+ GB per day and I am currently at 1.3 TB used.   

I've worked in a data center and the IT industry for many years and performed the following:

-Reset my WIFI password to another cryptic and long password

-Enabled traffic monitor on my router.  To elaborate, my router indicated I've used about 5.7 GB of data and Cox says I used 50 GB.

-Verified all attached devices  to my router and mines and firmware upgraded.

-Executed nmap from external to my home IP and verified I don't have any dangling open ports.

-Reset my router MAC and reset my modem to pick up a new IP.

-Exchanged my Cox modem for a new modem.


Any ideas?  My apps and devices are all monitored and everything is normal.   6 GB  daily usage vs 50 GB and 300 GB monthly trend to 1.3+ TB?

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