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When will Cox implement two-factor authentication?

Is Cox going to implement two-factor authentication, and if so, when?

It's now 2018 and most professional internet services offer two-factor authentication for additional security, and honestly, I'm upset that Cox -- my internet service provider nonetheless -- has not implemented it yet. This leaves customers open to having less security regardless of the canned response you'll respond with that Cox is concerned about our security.

There have been several issues posted about this already which you can see here:

It's clear from those posts that you will just forward my post on to your team, but we're beyond that now. These issues have been forwarded on to your team. If this issue has been forward on to your team and we still have yet to hear anything back about this, it seems clear that this is a low priority for Cox. I'm beginning to consider ISPs that are more concerned with its user's security.

Can you please not give me a canned response and let me, and us, know if or when two factor authentication will be provided?