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Not receiving all emails

Hi, for the last few weeks I have not been receiving all my emails. I normally receive around 50 emails a day, and now I am receiving around 10. I noticed it seems to be businesses I've subscribed to, I am not receiving their daily deals, nor can I subscribe to new businesses, (when I join they always send a "verification" email, which I never receive).

I use the webmail service on your web site. I've double checked every setting, I have no filters, I have the spam settings set to mark it as spam and deliver all, no forwarding, every setting is set to allow everything. 

Again, this just started about 3 weeks ago, and have not added any new accounts, nothing new on my end has happened. 

Please help 

Thank you 

  • I have a similar issue.  Intermittently missing some inbound emails, and inbound volume is definitely down.  I have confirmed with two different people who have attempted to send emails with and without success.  When these people send me identical emails, some come through, some do not.  One reported receiving a delivery error while I was on the phone with him.  

    Similarly, but not fully confirmed, some of my sent emails are apparently not reaching their destination.  

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