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GigaBlast just a money grab? Worse two weeks of my life

My location is SW OKC, near the SW 59th and Walker HUb is what services me.

On Thursday Nov 30th  I signed up for Gigablast.

I have been patiently waiting for this service to come to my area. I have a Arris SB8200 modem, Docis 3.1 which I verified before buying was rated for Cox's new Service.

I bought modem a year ago and had Ultimate which is what they offered. I got good consistent speeds when it was working , on Ultimate  I averaged 341/30.

On Monday, Dec 3rd after not seeing anything from Cox in email or a Phone call, I called them to get them to turn on Gigablast.

Since that day I have yet to receive Gigablast. My speeds are in the range of 74 to 91Mbps Up/ 33-36 Mbps Down.

On Friday  Dec 7th, after cancelling an appt for the day before, Cox finally sent a rep to my house to look at the issue.

I had gotten escalated to Tier 2 and they tried three modem resets and still could not get me the speeds.

The Tech came out and tested at where my line comes into the living room, which feeds to the modem.

He said he was getting 1.4GPS down/ 33 Up.

We speed tested, Modem to Computer and only got 114Mbps Down/35 Up,

He suggested it was the Modem.

I called Arris while he was there, they looked over the logs and said it wasn't the Modem. They said it was loss in the Downstream and Upstream Channel Power.

The Technician said it wasn't the case. I suggested then a test where he puts in a new Cox Modem, and we see what if that would resolve it since

he is trying to blame my Modem.

After calling it in to get approval to do so, we then hook up the Cox Panoramic Modem. We Speed Test again, and get back 92Gbps down/ 34Up.

So at the point he gets on the phone with Tier 2 and they place a "Maintenance Work Order" saying the problem is at my HUB, 59th and South Walker.

No ETA on when the issue will be fixed.

So Almost a week later of having speeds average of 92 down / 30 Up, I call Cox this morning, Thursday, Dec 13th.

I get escalated to Tier 2 who tell me they see the Maintenance Ticket has been closed and that the issue is marked "Resolved".

I report the speed test again, and so now, I wait another Tech to come out tomorrow to see if they can "fix" the issue.

Meanwhile, a block away from me, ATT has put up signs saying that "GigaPower is coming soon".

Maybe after 25 years of loyalty, its time for me to leave Cox, if ATT will come to my area....?

Can anyone attest to actually having Gigablast working in the SW OKC area?

  • So after the subcontractor came to test the line to the house via his box, he found that via Coax it got 930/33, but on ethernet it got 141/28. He said that the return signal was ppor. So he went outside ( the first tech who actually wanted to test the lines to the house mind you) and tested at my box and saw the return and the ingress were both not in spec.  So getting out a ladder, he tested at the tap and found the tap had low power. So he put a mocha filter on it, and replaced the line to the house and the cable ends on the line going into the house, and on the coax coneecting to the jack in the wall.

    Then he retested, using his box on the Coax. He got one spike of 650/36.  his second tests  were 141/28, 129/27 and 121/28.

    We hooked up ethernet from his test box directly to the modem. Test reported 114/28.

    So now at this point he has now turned in ANOTHER maintenance work order for them to "fix it at the hub".

    I don't know if this will eve be fixed.

    Meanwhile, I'll be calling into Cox Billing today to get credit for Tuesday thru Sat., as my speeds currently are 131/37.

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