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Lost email access to secondary Cox email account

For months now I cannot send an send an email message from the primary email account to the secondary email account.  Nor can I send one from the secondary to the secondary.  The email address is established in my contacts but when I type it into the mail address I am not prompted nor is it recognized.  All on Cox.  

sometimes it tells me that the user is unknown.

I have done updates of all software, rebooted endlessly,  scoured the internet for a clue.  Nothing that worked.  Is it a Cox update flaw/?  Do I have to delete the secondary account and start over?  Not being a real computer guy this mysterious and frustrating.

  • HI Pelican Point. We can help you with this issue. Please send this link along with your complete address, name on the account and email address that is having an issue to and we will be glad to assist you with getting this fixed. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator