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Slow ultimate speed

I have very slow Ultimate download speeds, disconnects, slow webpage loads, video buffering, and I did call Cox tier 1 but they were no help and told me I am getting good download speeds for the Ultimate tier. I have also tried Data Support chat, but they were also flat out no help. All Data Support and tier 1 did was reset the EMTA, which I have done numerous times and that did not help. I got the phone/Internet/contour service installed on November 18, 2018, and have nothing but problems ever since. 

Here is one speed test:

Cox's speed test:

23 Mbps down and 31Mbps up, 16ms ping, 1ms jitter

This is on the Ultimate tier, and if I wanted slow service, I would have kept preferred 100 or downgrade to Essential 30 Mbps 

  • Try utilizing Ping Plotter - 

    The program will run in the background and capture data tied to packet loss.  It will graph it automatically and can export the data very easily.  Be sure to be hard wired to your router/modem when testing to avoid other culprits of packet loss (wifi/etc).

    I've had the same issue due to infrastructure problems in Phoenix, AZ for well over four months now.  Packet loss between 5 and 30%, making streaming - and essentially everything else on the internet - unusable.  

    I was able to obtain data related to my packet loss by using Ping Plotter.  Really easy to use.  I would suggest changing the way Ping Plotter works by doing the following:

    In Ping Plotter, you can adjust the trace route protocol.  Try switching from normal "ping" requests to UDP packets.

    This can be found under "Edit" --> "Options" --> "Packet" - change the "Packet Type" option to "UDP Packets".  

    I've had 13 in home technician visits since my service started here in Phoenix, had the in home technicians confirm the problem to be infrastructure outside of my home, and I'm still being told when I call that an in home tech needs to come out for a 14th visit.  Don't let Cox loop you into this type of service - have data available to show the problem is on their end.