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Trouble with Adobe Media Server

We recently started having trouble with the Adobe Media Server.  It hangs up on certain types of activity and when trying to re-install the application.

I did some digging and find that Adobe Media Server has some protocol ticklish spots that can be caused by router firewall settings.

Please view their explanation at

The trouble spots seem to be with NAT settings and UDP settings.

I have the Panoramic WIFI modem DOCSIS 3.1 

Can you point me to a direction for resolving this issue. 

  • Do you see any setting under the router for port forwarding? There is no good manual for the Panoramic gateway, so can't direct you anywhere for instructions, but it should be straight forward. Looks like the main port is TCP/UDP 1935. The page says if it can't use that, it will try port 80, which is blocked by Cox.

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