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Can Cox tell me who accessed my e-mail account without my knowledge or consent?

Somebody accessed my e-mail account yesterday and forwarded a very personal e-mail to a third party without my consent or knowledge.

Is there anyway Cox can tell who or where my account was accessed from?

This e-mail was forwarded @ 4:34 am and even has a message in the body so somebody sent it and wrote a message alone with it.

This is a very serious issue for me as somebody logged onto my account, found an e-mail with very personal and sensitive information in it and forwarded it to a third party without my consent or knowledge and would like to know who or where it was done from.

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  • Hi PTBrennan,

    We are not able to track who logs into your account. The only way that someone would be able to access your email is if they use your username and know or guessed your password. I would suggest changing you password as soon as possible to prevent them from accessing your account again.

    Greg P

    Cox Forums Moderator
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