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STILL Packet Loss For Over a year in games (Fortnite, Overwatch, Rocket League, etc)

My original thread about this was locked with no reason, and after multiple Cox technicians and calls I am still receiving extremely bad packet loss on the upload side only. Mainly to games that use Amazon AWS servers. Anybody from Cox or community members able to help me?

Original thread - 

Hello, I have been a Cox Customer for 17 years and a few years ago I started having very bad packet loss issues. I have spent hundreds of hours trying to fix this issue but it still happens even years later. I am only receiving packet loss (upload), 0% download packet loss. I am receiving low ping (for the most part) (30-40ms) and high packet loss (10-120%) in games such as Fortnite, Overwatch, Rocket league and more. It is happening on my PC & PS4. I have tried pretty much every solution you can think of.

(I am hardwired directly to the modem with Ethernet as well) 

This is a Cox issue as I used a TMobile hotspot and received 0% packet loss so it can't be anything on my end. At least I don't think so.

  • ,   and , in a nutshell, AWS is entrusted to host those gaming applications for businesses.  Those, high profile customers, probably have very good access to AWS technical support.   The gaming company CEOs should be very concerned about the apparent widespread impact this is having on their customers who use Cox Internet Services to directly access their applications hosted by AWS. Having said that, I would think that the management of those companies would appreciate having some data presented to them that could definitively help isolate the problem that's having a widespread effect on their customer base.  Based on our testing and other info gathered, I think the information should be presented to the corporate management of those respective gaming companies.  All the best.

  • The CEOs should be concerned? The company knows about it, they don't care. As you can see, a member of the company commented on this thread and the developer eventually concluded that the problem is on COX's end. The first place I went to try and address this problem was to the game's forums and through their support system. I didn't receive a single response in 8 months. It's a free game with over 125 million players, they aren't going to address the problems of one ISP.

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