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Severe packet loss (Upload) to amazon web services (Fortnite) - UPDATE 1/9

UPDATE - I suspect this packet loss issue may be fixed very soon. Maybe within the next week. That's all I'll say for now - I'll update again soon

Yep, another AWS packet loss post. Have none of the past customers with this issue had their problems actually resolved?

I'm consistently getting 0-10% packet loss to Amazon web services (both west and east servers) making fortnite unplayable. No, I do not have this problem with other games I play as they do not use Amazon web services to host their servers. This seems to be an issue with the path cox routing takes to AWS servers.

my cox tracert to AWS west (oregon):

my cox tracert to AWS west ( :

my cox tracert to AWS east:

my tethered AT&T iphone to AWS west:     - interesting how AT&T LTE is a legitimately better connection to AWS than vegas's "best" ISP

No I'm not using a puma 6 modem. I have the cisco DPQ3212.

puma 6 test anyway:

I've already troubleshot by hardwiring to modem directly with the same results. I've unplugged the power on router and modem (although it stays on) numerous times, as well as coax.

Here's a tracert of another cox customer with the same exact problems:

and another:      (there are many more tracerts exactly like these; it also seems like we're all dropping packets at the exact same servers)

now here's a tracert of a cox customer in phoenix (to AWS west) who has 0% packet loss:

A reddit thread furthering the evidence that this is explicitly a cox issue and not a personal one:

I would appreciate real effort in getting this resolved - I know I'm going to be told this is a personal issue when it obviously simply is not. Thanks in advance

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  • So I'm literally 10 houses down from home at my friend's house (another cox customer), and I decided to ping my home IP. After 5 times pinging, there was absolutely zero packet loss, as expected -  - I also pinged my home IP from my phone's LTE and received no packet loss, although I won't be posting that screenshot as that would be more difficult and I believe the other screenshot is enough.

    Furthermore, I tracerouted Amazon web services from my friend's house which is literally across the street from my own. Again, there is the same exact instance of packet loss as my own - it even occurs at the same cluster of servers. It seems I'm correct in that this is a routing issue, not a home connectivity issue -

    I've provided legitimate evidence showing my case. Could you please post a screenshot of your aforementioned ping to my IP supposedly exhibiting my packet loss (as if this even matters at this point)? I don't mean to be so confrontational as I know this is the process you're supposed to adhere to, but I do believe you're flat out lying to me in regards to my general, modem-related packet loss, as there is none. It only occurs when connecting to amazon web services.

    It would be super awesome if this could be escalated and you could get me in touch with a supervisor or a tier 2 (or higher, if there is) technician. I'm almost certain this is an issue regarding COX's routing tables and alternate routing once it fails to resolve a hostname at certain Amazon Web Services routers.