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Internet outage

So, 3 days in a row now, at approximately 11 PM I lose all service.  By morning, magically it's all working again.  Why am I paying for service that's not always working...

Live in Gilbert As, apartment, have  the ultimate internet, pano wifi......

  • When you lose service, do the lights on the Panoramic gateway go out or change in anyway? If you live in apartments, my guess is your signal is being shared with a neighbor and their TV MoCA signal for DVR is interfering with your internet signal. Just a WAG, but maybe they are scheduling something to record at exactly 11PM. How long do you notice it stays down?

    Do you know how/where the cables come together for the different apartments? Is it a closet or something in the basement? Pictures(Imgur) would be great, but even MSPaint drawing or general description would be helpful.