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High Jitter / Packet Loss

I've been having high jitter & packet loss at various times and at various degrees of severity.  I play fortnite on pc and theres an option to show network debug stats.  Almost all of the time I see between 1% and 4% packet loss and there extended periods during the night where I will see between 10% and 20% packet loss on my upstream.  At these moments when I see this packet loss I'll use the cox speedtest and I'll see that I have jitter, around 100ms.

I've had a couple of techs come out and I think we've ruled out anything I have control over, my routers fine, modem, ethernet, etc.  The last tech I had come out was a more senior tech I think, and he found there was interference going on in my lines coming from the outside.  He also said there was a amatuer radio station near my house that could be causing interference.  They're about 1-2 streets away from my house.

Anyways, the tech was telling me about how for upstream traffic theres multiple channels working, and they are working at different frequencies.  I think he said theres 4 total and 2 are working at 60mhz and the other 2 are working at 30mhz(maybe 32mhz).  Although I am not positive on those numbers I just remember one started with a 3 and the other with a 6.  He also said that the channels working on 30 mhz are more subject to outside noise and that Cox was doing an initiative to get all of CT to have only channels that use 60 mhz by July 11th.

Does anyone have any information on this change?  I am still seeing bad packet loss and I am wondering if the change has already happened in my area, or if I can find out exactly when the change is happening so I can better monitor my internet on the day of the change.

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  • Hmm, this is a tough one. Sound like the senior tech isolated it to the HAM radio broadcast and that could be leaking in anywhere. Did the technician say they were going to put in any ticket to see if they can find the leak? 

    As for the change, my guess is it has to do with support for D3.1 in your area. What model modem do you have? If it's a D.31 modem then check if your getting a OFDM channel, usually on channel 32. If not, then when your area get D3.1 hopefully it will get those other channel too. I thought D3.1 only changed the downstream channels but I admit I am not an expert. Most modems have light on them to tell you when the D3.1 channels are in use, so look for that. See article here for insight when it might be available in your area. Due to the complexity of your request, it might not hurt to copy this thread over there too. Good luck!