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Copy/Paste into a new compose email does not work

I can't copy and paste into a new email. If I choose the "Plain text" option I can paste, but as soon as I change back to HTML the text disappears. This has been going on now for 3 days. I have notified Tier 2 Cox support who confirmed with a test in various browsers that pasting is not working. This seems like an important feature. Anyone else having this problem?

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  • I swear  I  am beginning to loathe my Cox services.Most the time I have to repeatedly try to get into my stoopid webmail, anyway,there's a good reason I don't use it for most of my correspondence.I am pretty tech-dumb,but I am EXTREMELY frustrated by this issue.As I posted in another thread,I work in suicide prevention, and I could not copy helpline numbers when I needed to send them rather quickly a coupla weeks ago.UGH.

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