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Horrible speeds after docsys 3.1 update

Ever since my downstream channel was moved from docsys 3.0 to 3.1 my speeds refuse to go over 250mbps down. I have the 300/30 package and would average over 400bps down.  Using the arris docsys 3.1 modem

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  • That reddit post is not me. 

    Oooh,OK. Must be a odd coincidence? I happen to watch the Cox Reddit thread too and saw that pop up right around the same time. That person seemed to be having serious security issues, so I thought it was important to make sure that wasn't you. Apologies if it took the thread off course. 

    I used to break over 500mbps downloads on docsys 3.0.

    Do you still have the old D3.0 modem? I would be curious is your still get the speed now. I think other changes happened, that run parallel but seperate, from the change from D3.0 to D3.1. When a area upgrades, it usually also opens up additional downstream channels. This would usually increase download speeds, not decrease, but perhaps the change in downstream channels shifted you over to some that were more congested. .  

    To that end, could you post your signal levels? They are available on the modem's web page. See here for more info. I am looking for downstream channels that are lower/higher then the other channels around it.

    Finally, I think there is a separate issue going on with the Mac Mini. I heard the latest OSX did some screwy things with the ethernet drivers. If your getting the speed via wireless, it's getting to the modem. The question is what is causing the spikes of slowness, which the signal levels will help answer.