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Spam Infestation

I have noticed an increase is spam email coming into my primary Cox account within the past few months and have forwarded many of them to Cox's spam report, but it keeps coming in under a variety of subject lines including, Crepe Erase, Liberty Mutual Insurance, EHarmony, ABC Shark Tank, Lark Wellness, Ringing Ears, Home Warranty Special, to name a few.  The domains are obviously bogus so I'm curious as to why Cox's spam filters aren't picking them up prior to delivery and I'm wondering if others have seen a similar trend?  I have received 72 of them since May 21st!!

  • FRM,

       You are not alone. I have been getting the exact same spam you mentioned plus a whole lot more. I moved each and every one into my spam folder which was useless as they kept coming most exactly the same and some changed somewhat. I got to the point where I started creating filters for each one and so far this seems to have helped but not completely. I have over 4 pages of filters created and every day there is something else new showing up in my in-box and I have to create yet another filter. I had initially been blocking many of these spam entries but soon found out there is a limit of up to 100 and after that you cannot block any more unless you delete some entries. Delete them and they are right back again. For that matter, even blocking many of them was useless as they would reappear again blocked or not. I am just about a hairs breadth away from converting my email to Microsoft Outlook as COX does not appear to be concerned with the complaints from their customers regarding the increasing volume of spam they are getting. DO NOT open any of the spam emails and "unsubscribe". Our daughter works in marketing and she has told us in many cases if you do this your email is bundled and sold to another outlet and you will end up getting even more spam. As an aside, I don't know about anyone else but one morning (exactly when I cannot say) I checked my email and had not a single piece of spam in my in-box yet that afternoon when I checked my email again I had hundreds and I do mean HUNDREDS of spam files showing up in my in-box. NO ONE had even been on my account since that morning so where in the #!&% did all of these spam files come from?? COX??? 

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