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Spam Infestation

I have noticed an increase is spam email coming into my primary Cox account within the past few months and have forwarded many of them to Cox's spam report, but it keeps coming in under a variety of subject lines including, Crepe Erase, Liberty Mutual Insurance, EHarmony, ABC Shark Tank, Lark Wellness, Ringing Ears, Home Warranty Special, to name a few.  The domains are obviously bogus so I'm curious as to why Cox's spam filters aren't picking them up prior to delivery and I'm wondering if others have seen a similar trend?  I have received 72 of them since May 21st!!

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  • Tomorrow would be better. Everyone else is asleep right now. What time do you work?

    isn't a mail server a mail server no matter where it's housed?

    No! For instance, if you outsourced the email to Yahoo, who had everything hacked, that would reveal a lot. Also, it's not the fact that Cox outsourced their email. Everyone is doing that. Its the fact that they are trying to hide it as it fails miserably. 

    What does that have to do with the fact that our customers are reporting a problem and I am reaching out to have the proper teams investigate and address it.

    Because the group your suggesting people to report to doesn't exist IMO. It was a system with the old Cox system. If it worked now, it would be working now, but it doesn't. 

    I can't just pick up a phone and call, especially considering the hour, so I am sending communication

    Funny, when I worked for Cox, I could. They might not be there right now, but you could at least send them a email. I don't think it's your fault. No one at Cox really informed it's employees of what was happening. However that doesn't excuse the ignorance, it just explains it.

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