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Non-stop SPAM for several weeks

I keep a Cox email account open to monitor alerts via my iPhone X and iPad Pro2 but not in Outlook on my pcs.

Lately, I have been inclined to close that email account because for several weeks I am flooded with SPAM.

Is there a fix for this by Cox or a solution that I missed?

  • This is getting RIDICULOUS Cox, come on. Just this morning I have been hammered by 3-5 per hour spam messages. And not matter how many times I go into Webmail to mark as Spam, a new one comes back almost identical, breaking thru. I had been told by a Supervisor you're moving to an entirely new system. When is this happening and what TOOLS are you going to give US your CUSTOMERS to stop this ridiculous volume of spam? Many of us have email on our desktop and devices all day and this interrupts our work day with incredible volumes of spam. Some of the titles alone should cause Cox to block them as spam, yet they just fly on thru, over and over. READ all your customers' complaints and DO SOMETHING PLEASE! Last suggn via Twitter support was "just unsubscribe to the emails" really? Come on, find us a solution!

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