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Non-stop SPAM for several weeks

I keep a Cox email account open to monitor alerts via my iPhone X and iPad Pro2 but not in Outlook on my pcs.

Lately, I have been inclined to close that email account because for several weeks I am flooded with SPAM.

Is there a fix for this by Cox or a solution that I missed?

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  • Have you tried creating a new username? Also, what kind of alerts? If your registering your main Cox email for a site, it's possible one of those sites sold your information. Does there look to be any trend to the type of spam or the sending  domain?

    In general, I hear bad things about how anti-spam works (or doesn't) with the new system. Do you happen to see any connection between what websites you go to and the kinds of spam? Like, go to, and all of a sudden you are getting tons of spam for flowers?