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Importing email folders

I am now on the new COX server for email. I have been using Windows Live Mail for several years and have several storage folders with lots of emails that I need to retain. Is there a way to import the folders and corresponding emails from Live Mail into the new COX email?

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  • Hi Snoopy,

    Just to clarify, are you wanting to transfer your current folders that you have stored in your Cox POP (Windows Live Mail) account over to the New Cox Email platform?  If so, it can be done, but there will be limitations with your webmail storage.  The launch of the New Cox Email doesn't mean you have to stop using your Windows Live Mail.  You may continue using it as normal and you will retain all your emails. If you want to transfer the emails that you've saved in Windows Live Mail, your webmail storage will be restricted to 2 GB.  If you exceed the webmail storage, you will not be able to receive emails unless space is cleared by deleting old emails.  If your Windows Live Mail storage folders exceed 2 GB, then you won't be able to transfer all the emails and it may cause new emails to not come in. 

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