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Outlook 2016 continually prompts for username and password constantly and will not sync

For the past month and a half or so Outlook 2016 will continually prompt for username and password to a point where I have to close it and re open it.  It also will not sync unless I close and reopen it.  This is getting really annoying.  First level support was all but useless.  I'm a network and email tech and have done pretty much everything on my end.  including:

1.  Deleting and recreating my profile, my .ost file, and any other file involved.

2.  Changed my password about 5 times, this will work for about an hour then it starts doing the same thing though it still doesn't sync.

3.  Verified all my settings and tested.

Basically first level support said they don't support 3rd party products like Outlook and to use the webmail.  This is not acceptable.  I read a similar post a couple of weeks ago where moving their account to a different email server solved the trick.  

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  • On May 4, "Larry" apparently succeeded in fixing my account. Whatever he did, the problem stopped. On May 11, it resumed.

    I am in the market for a new ISP. Any suggestions?

    FWIW, a few days after the problem was seemingly fixed, I sent the following email to "Larry":

    * * *


    I did not respond to your voicemail or email sooner because I was waiting to see if the problem recurred. So far, it has not. Whatever you did, I thank you for it. Nothing tried on my end at the suggestion of Cox techs worked. On your voicemail this morning, you said you “migrated [my] email account to another server.” I would like to know more precisely what was done so that, if the problem recurs, I can inform any techs I talk to in the future. When I suggested to the techs I talked with that migrating my account to a different server might solve the problem, they dismissed the suggestion out of hand, one going so far as to say it wasn’t worth trying because it couldn’t possibly work.

    If this is a known issue with a known solution or workaround (which my experience shows it is, what with you migrating my account to another server), Cox should notify its customers through its website and user forum and perhaps even directly. If the problem is something that customers cannot fix themselves but has to be done at Cox’s end (as my experience again demonstrates) and cannot be solved all at once but has to be phased in over time for all users for whatever reason, Cox should let us know that, too. That way we will know what to expect and won’t waste time trying to find and implement solutions on our own. Cox should also “put the ‘help’ back in ‘help desk’” (as we used to say at the tech company where I was an executive) and make sure its own techs in Tier 1 and Tier 2 are informed of the issue, solution, and timetable so they can give consistent, informed responses to customers who reach out for help. I should not have had to send an email to the company president to get a satisfactory resolution.

     Thanks again. You can be sure that I will reach out to you again if the problem recurs.

    * * *

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