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Lose internet at the exact same time every night


We have been in our house for about 7 months and had no issues until about a month ago.  Every night at exactly 9:03 we lose Internet/experience extreme slowness for about 1 hour.   Websites load extremely slowly or not at all off and on during this hour period. There will also be periods, a few minutes at a time where it works perfectly.  Speed tests, when we are able to connect during this period, show up fine.  The lights on the modem and router show no indication of a problem.  It almost behaves as if cox was throttling my bandwidth or something huge was downloading clogging my connection, as far as I know nether is the case.  We have called cox multiple times, have had a tech out and had our own audio video person out to no avail.  We have replaced both our router and modem.  Our router is an AirPort Extreme so I am not sure how to show any logs.  The level 2 tech support suggested it could be interference from neighbors so we tried changing router Chanel's and that did not help.  Cox has said everything that they can see shows no problems.  I am out of ideas other than changing ISPs.  What could be causing service issues at the exact same time every night?  I am not an router/modem expert and I have a pretty complicated set up involving a control 4 set up by professionals.  The control 4 people have told us there is no issue with any of that equipment nor would it cause this type of problem even if there was.  I just don't even know where I can turn for help at this point.  The professionals we have talked to cannot even hypothesize what the problem is any more.

  • Hi surfnet,

    Have you seen trouble even after bypassing the Apple Airport Extreme router and testing the speed/connection with a computer hardwired directly to the SB6141?

  • So anyone know of anything that happens at 9:03pm? Is someone sprinklers going off at that time? Or something else? 

    What is odd, is I found this thread of someone have a very similar problem. But their internet cut out at exactly 9PM. Different ISP, and DSL at that, so very different mechanically, but similar problem. Very odd. I am at a lost.

  • I live down in Tucson and we've been experiencing a very similar same thing for about the last 3 to 4 weeks. Can't seem to narrow it down, but we are running a Motorola / Arris SB6141 and an Airport Extreme. Speed tests (when they work, between 9 and 10 PM, seem to go from the usual 30-60 Mbps (depending on time of day) to either server not responding or in the 0.3-5 Mbps with roughly the same ping responses regardless (always seem to be in the high 30's, as long as I can get a response). 

    I am fairly relieved to know that it isn't just us, but at the same time, I wonder what the heck is causing it (very similar boat as you, no new equipment, nothing new to backup or storage routines, always just after 9 PM). 

  • @GC235

    Can you duplicate this behavior without the router attached?

  • I'm curious as to why technical support is puzzled by every separate posting, as though this person is the only one experiencing this phenomenon.  I also have the Airport Extreme and a surfboard 6141 modem and yes connecting the modem directly to a computer there is no problem.  This Apple Airport Extreme router is top of the line and has not dropped a signal, and I'm sure everyone else who has this with Cox, until the last month or so.  These are not random issues.  We ALL  are having this problem around 9PM.  I called Apple about this and we totally went through an entire reset and it's NOT a defective modem.  Even my computer technician has this same problem.  This is something with Cox.  You must have a solution.  There are too many of us and many probably just unplug it and plug it in again and don't post on this forum.  And yes, I am in Airzona.

    Please give us a real solution.  This has nothing to do with one or another person's account.  I have Cox Premier and get speeds up to 138 with this modem/router combination.