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How can I update the firmware on my Cisco DPC3825?

My Cisco DPC3825 is dated June 2012, recently it has been problematic.  How can I update firmware?

  • The only way to update the firmware is to have Cox push it from their side. A moderator here may be able to help with that, otherwise you would need to call Cox support and open a ticket with Tier 2. Firmware updates should be automatic, but there can be situations that interfere. 

  • Dgdean1, the Cisco DPC3825  is showing the current supported firmware version-150324a is the current version/build on our network. What problems are you running into with the connection?
  • Within the past month the frequency of wifi/Internet dropping and reconnecting has increased.  I.E. cannot obtain IP address and similiar messages.  I have had to turn it off and on more times in past month then the entire time we have had it.  Any help you have for this would be greatly appreciated.  

  • @Dgdean1

    I'd start by trying the simplest tests first.  Do you experience the same problems with wired connections?

  • I picked up a Motorola SB6121 last night to replace the Cisco modem, is there anything I should note when switching? Thank you for all of the help, I am looking forward to enjoying the Cox internet in a much smoother capacity.