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Time to change

We have been LOYAL cox customers for over 38 years. Always paid our bill on time and the only problems we ever had was an occasional outage when it rained. Two things happen about two months ago. We had the Home Life installed (it was supposed to reduce our bill) and we were offered the "total care". We declined the total care and now we have been battling the "Sorry, there seems to be some trouble" constantly and loose our tv reception. This has been going on for TWO months. Cox sent a tech to our home and he simply came in, checked the signal, said it was good and it was the CONTOUR BOX. He took our box with all our years of DVR recordings and gave us a new box. The next day, the same problem. Now we have to wait for another tech to be scheduled because Cox cannot talk to our contour box. This was a problem I showed the tech when he took our old box. Can someone tell me straight up if this problem is being generated by the home life or declining the total care package. I am tired of wasting my time and will just change to a different provider if that is the situation.