When will Cox update the Contour app to work on iPad with the new IOS 14.0? The Contour app works with iPhone with IOS 14.0 so, why not the iPad?

The app appears to work by displaying all the options normally but goes to a black screen after selecting a program or network. Then eventually stops with the following message: Server Error : : TVAPP-00100. That is followed with the following verbiage: “Sorry, we’re having trouble retrieving this video. If your Internet connection is otherwise working, please try a different channel or program.” However selecting a different channel or program has the same result.

  • I called tech support today for the very same issue and the impression I received was not our issue call Apple. Now that I've discovered this forum it's frustrating to learn this IS a known issue - at least from what I'm gathering reading through these posts. I've tried the suggestions and I too am unable to get it resolved. 

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