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Homelife App

I recently got the Cox Homelife service and during the install the tech. loaded the Homelife App. onto my Samsung Note 8 and walked me through the automation tab and told me i coild create rules for my cameras, lights, and doors. the tech. left shorty after installation and i went to the app which was just downloaded during install to create rules for my items purchased, while doing so i was able to start the rule however when it came to select the event portion it will not let me click on the link to move forward. I closed the app several times and started and kept getting stuck at the same section to create the rule. I contacted cox on facebook where they told me to uninstall the app. and re-install i did so and had the same issue. The online agent then told me it must be my device to check for updates. i just installed the newest version of my phones software update that same morning and told the agent this she then told me my app. must be outdated, how is this when i just installed when the tech. was just here that same day and just re-installed moments before continuing the conversation with the agent online. This makes no sense what so ever!