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Voice Everywhere incoming call issues

I'm finding the Voice Everywhere app is not really capable of reliably offering incoming calls.  I had to turn it off.

Many times the app will ring and if I click the app too soon, it will answer an empty call and the hard wire phone continues to ring.   Other times both the app and phone will ring but then the phone will stop while the app continues to ring.  I've even had where the app and phone ring but then the app stops leaving the phone ringing.  Usually however, I'll pickup a call and it will just be silent and that just doesn't work for me.

I find there is a definite problem with the app itself, it never remembers the speakerphone option properly and is too slow to respond so many times I end up waiting annoyingly for the app's speakerphone icon to stop turning on and off all by itself.

I've tested a few incoming calls also.  Sometimes the incoming caller hears just rings and neither the app nor phone is ringing.  Then when the caller is tired of hearing rings and hangs up, the app will ring once quickly then disappear and even sometimes a moment later.

Is this issue just the App not functioning properly or is this perhaps something more to do with NoMoRobo interfering with the app?