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Cox Connect App

How do I enable HD Auto tune in the Cox Connect App?  I have been having problems with this app since May 2019.  Reported the issue to Cox, no resolution to the problem to date.  Lisa recommended/asked if I had the "HD Auto tune enabled".  By the way, I am using an android device.

The app only records in standard definition regardless when I select high definition channels.  Help please!!!

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  • Hi Ben, while your account is coded for the Contour 1 Programming Guide, you actually have two Motorola Rovi DVRs and a Contour 1 DVR. The Motorola Rovi DVRs are going to perform differently than the Contour 1 DVR. As a result, we need to identify on which DVRs you are scheduling recordings.

    Your DVRs are labeled as STB_1, STB_2, and STB_3 (STB= set-top box or DVR) in the Cox Connect App. To access these labels, click on the menu icon in the top left corner of the Cox Connect App. Select Settings, click TV Settings, and click DVRs. To determine which DVR is which, use the HD channel number (1000s) in the Cox Connect App to schedule a recording on each DVR. Choose 3 different shows and take a screenshot of (or write down) which DVR is recording which show. This will allow you to identify which DVR is STB_1, STB_2, and STB_3. The DVR that successfully records in HD resolution is your Contour 1 DVR. You can designate one DVR as the default or main DVR within the Cox Connect App. You can also “hide” a DVR if you don’t want it to be available for remote scheduling.

    Contour 1 DVRs only record in HD format. A Contour 1 DVR will record in HD resolution even if you choose the SD channel number when scheduling the recording through the Cox Connect App. On Rovi, however, I was able to replicate your issue. When scheduling a recording of an HD channel using the Cox Connect App, my Rovi HD DVR records the SD channel. I have reported my findings to our video engineers for further investigation. Because the Rovi video platform is end-of-life, there may be no fix for this.

    The good news is that I’ve found a workaround for you. If you want to schedule HD recordings on one of your Rovi DVRs, sign into your Cox account ( using a web browser instead of using the Cox Connect App. Once signed in, go to Make sure the location is set correctly in the upper right-hand corner of the page. This ensures the correct channel lineup is displayed. Use the “Jump to channel” drop-down box to select the HD channel number (1000s), click on the desired show, select the DVR on which you want the content to record, select the priority (record if possible or definitely record), and press the Record button. This process works when using a PC web browser or a web browser on a smartphone. Every HD recording I set through the web ( recorded successfully in HD. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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