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No sound using contour app.

No sound using contour app. I’ve isolated it to the sports channels ESPN and all FOX Sports channels. We get picture on tablets with no sound, but no picture or sound on laptop. We’ve spent several hours on phone with tech support.  We’ve reset modem at least 10 times.  Modem is new yesterday.  We’ve tried wireless and Ethernet cable, it makes no difference.  A technician is scheduled for tomorrow but I really think this is not a hardware issue.

Yes, we have logged out and in and have updated apps on devises.  The laptop is trying to go through the cox website.


  • When you slide to SAP or type s, does it actually change to Spanish language...and you say it does not hold....does that mean it goes blank to no sound after a few minutes or does it go blank when you slide to off.  You are correct about ESPN (15) now show little league game.  With SAP slider on,  I get English..with slider off, I get no sound but is SoCal.  ESPN2(16) also broken with ATP Tennis..  I also notice 78(pac12) is also out, and 7(ABC) has been out for weeks.  I'm thinking that Cox has an issue, but it's going to be tough sledding to get them to do something.  Having them out, at least you can show them first hand the channels that don't work and that the slider Does work most of the time and Resume will trigger something too.  The Video slider, if not grayed out also does make stuck or blank screens work.

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