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No Contour audio for two channels in home

We have Contour 2 DVR service in our home, and sometimes watch TV on several iPads in the kitchen or other rooms.  Works fine except that on channel  KCAL9 and Channel 18 TNT in Los Angeles area there is video but NO AUDIO.  Both iPads have latest Apple software release, uninstalled and reinstalled Contour app, flushed cache, etc. rebooted, but NO AUDIO on 3 iPads and on one iPhone that I tested.  Speedtest shows great speeds and even a remote reset of our cable modem by Cox tech didn't resolve the problem.

Everything else works fine.  What is the problem?  I noticed there are a couple other threads here with same problem but no solution.  Is Contour software written by Cox or a third party company?  The Cox tech said no way to escalate the problem.  Been going on now for over a week.

HELP!  What is the fix?

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  • For me, today at 9am SoCal, the watchtv started working for all the stations I had problems....CNN, TNT, Trvl, TLC, WGN...etc.  I sent a email to COX to ask if fix was actually implemented and if it was for the APP and watchtv which I was using.  Different market locations had different "no audio" and the SAP slider worked as temp fix on some.

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