Roku FoxNews channel login problems

Up until about a week ago we had been using Roku to watch live streamof FoxNews on  our Roku.  The we started getting error which said the service provider is not allowing the content.  After struggling with this for few days, finally got COX to tell me our COX password needed to be re-set.  Why that was needed is a topic for another thread, but I set a new password. 

After removing the FoxNews app and re-adding it to our Roku lineup and logging in again with activation code and COX login, the FoxNew live stream worked again...until the next day.  Then it was locked again.  I had to remove it again, then log back in again.  Then the next day is was locked AGAIN.  What is going on that I have to keep logging in with with the activation code and cable provider once a day!?

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  • Here's my 2 cents.  There seems to be a few "glitches" with Fox News in the past week:

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    These are only complaints on the Forum and don't include complaints via chat, email, telephone, etc.

    These numbers have nothing to do with streaming but could relate to recent viewing behaviors.  Since the Mueller Report on 24 March, CNN and MSNBC had a mass exodus of daily TV viewers; meanwhile, FNC has gained daily viewers.

    Since 24 March...

    MSNBC:  - 27.337 M
    CNN:   - 20.229 M
    FNC:  + 19.446 M

    Again, these numbers have nothing to do with streaming and, to be fair, the NCAA Playoffs may have siphoned some younger demo from CNN and MSNBC since the Report; however, and this is my point, FNC did recently gain millions of viewers and the gains may relate to streaming at a 10% ratio (guesstimate).  It'll be interesting to see where these gains/losses finally settle.

    Anyway, the culprit may be the new viewers are overwhelming the servers at Fox News or whoever distributes their content on the Internet.  Cox will only troubleshoot the recent "glitches" by dispatching a $100 tech to your house, and it would not only be a pain to find the correct Content Distribution Provider but its customer support rep.  Your best bet is to contact Fox News.