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How can I get my money back?!?!

I was charged twice for my WIFI BILL. Meaning yes, the bill I pay for wifi/internet. Have gone through 5+ hours of this company’s terrible customer service and they are telling me I cannot have a refund back to my bank account, card, or go to a Cox location to receive the funds. All this AFTER I was originally told all three options were viable means of refunds!

Where can I escalate this situation?!?! Their customer service continues to give me the run around, invalid phone numbers, say there’s nothing they can do or nobody else they can connect me to, and lock me out of the forums!

I have worked in customers service oriented business all my life, and this customer service is about the worst I have ever had to deal with!!! The only thing I can say had worse customer service was my student loans, and we all know how that goes.

I am getting robbed and just want my funds back in my account!!!