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Homelife video over wifi

Hi -

I am unable to view live video when using the app or the web portal. I know my camera is connected fine, because I see updated still photos and can take video and additional stills. But, when trying to view live video, it does not work. On the iOS app, it just says "Contacting Camera."

The camera is connected through wifi.

When the camera is plugged into the router via Ethernet, video seems to work.

Is a wired connection necessary?

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  • Can you describe how your network is set up? Modem > Router > Homelife gateway? Modem/Router combo > Homelife Gateway? Repeaters? APs?

    Basically you need to be on the same SSID as the cameras. So if the cameras are 2.4 and your connecting at 5Ghz, then isolation between the bands causes a problem. It's a similar problem when trying to stream to a Chromecast.

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