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2 months ago

Worse service

Cox has the worse service in the world I pay over $200 for **bleep**ty service every night for the last 10 days my service keep cutting in and out. I wouldn't recommend Cox to anyone even if they were giving the service away for free.I would be quick tell people they do better using and antenna you'll get the same results.

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      Have you troubleshot the issue? replaced cable wires and splitters? Had a tech out?

  • Hello. I can certainly understand your frustration with loss of service. I recommend sending us an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of this issue to 

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        We definitely want to help and would never intentionally disregard an email sent to us. You've emailed us at Did you send from the address you sign into forums with, or a different email address?  To protect your privacy, we ask that you not share the email address you sent from.