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Why do I get the code and black frozen screen XRE-03056 for the last 5 days and every hour today?

Why do i get the code XRE-03056 everyday and today every hour on my tv?

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  • That error indicates there may be a tuning error. Please check all of the cables to make sure they are all at least finger tight. If there is a splitter, remove it and try connecting the cable box directly to the coax cable. Remember to unplug the cable box first, then remove the splitter, reconnect directly to the box and then restart the cable box by unplugging the power cord for 1-2 minutes, then plug the power cord back in. Allow several minutes for the cable box to start up. Check to see if the issue is resolved. If the issue persists, for further assistance, contact us on Twitter @coxhelp, Facebook messaging, email:, or Toll-free 1-800-234-3993.

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