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What causes my computer to buffer? Takes forever to read an article, etc.

My computer buffers constantly when I click on a article to read, etc.  Cause?

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    Do other applications, such as word processing or antivirus, take forever to open on your computer?

    The problem could be your computer, your browser, your network or if all article are on the same source, the server...not to mention (but I will) malware.  Could you provide more details?

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        Absolutely.  A lot of "highly clicked" links don't even point to the server of the actual source but instead to a cached server storing the article.  It may be a problem with the cached server trying to download from the actual server.

  • Hi Arkie,

    Do you buffer on just that one article? What happens if you try to read an article from a different site? Or if your try reading the article using a different device?

    Thank you,

    Mike J.
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    what plan are you on, sounds like low internet speed??