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Using a PC instead of a cable box.

Due to COX constantly going up in price, and they refuse to offer a app for Roku and Firestick to watch everything you pay for without a cable box like

other cable companies do,  I was wondering if anyone has come up with  the cheapest laptop with an HDMI output that could support a add on

remote control, to stream COX to your home TV?    

I have several cable boxes in the house that I would like to turn in to save on the rental fee.  However I don't want to use an expensive

laptop for the streaming.  I was thinking of a Raspberry pi to connect its browser to "watch cox with any device" (which isn't true since they

don't support (like other cable companies) Roku and Firestick.

Any experimenters out there?


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    You are not going to be able to use a PC to emulate the cable box. All you will be able to do is use it for streaming apps, and if so, ensure you are either in a place where they don't bill for data overages, (1.25tb), or you may have to sign up for unlimited data (49$), because streaming can use a whole lotta data. Your average 4K data stream can use over 8gb per hr. Your standard HD stream can use as much as 2 to 3 GB per hr. Compressed streams lower that quite a bit, but remember a compressed stream is a lossy stream so you will lose some resolution. 

    I use PLEX, and have a server setup with all my DVD's on it, plex subscription also includes live tv, and any device that can run plex software, computer. most tv's, firestick, laptop/desktop/tablet/cell phone etc etc, can access the plex system and stream from it, even outside the home.