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This is how to correct a Modify Series Priority error__(This program is currently unavailable...)

An error will occur when an attempt is made to modify a series priority if one or more series entries are corrupted.  This is because the command to display the "Modify Series Priority" list is a collection which will fail if any individual entries are damaged.  However, "Edit Record Options" is available to edit individual series entries that are not damaged.  To correct the error preventing series priorities from being changed, you must identify and delete all corrupted series entries.  Start at the beginning of the "Series Manager" list and repeat the following steps until all flawed entries have been identified and deleted.

The following steps are for a Contour 1 DVR.

1. Press Select to display options for the next series in the Series Manager list.

2. Select Edit Record Options.  If Series Record Options is successfully displayed, the entry is not corrupted.

3. Press Cancel to exit the series options.

4. Press the left arrow to exit the selected series.

5. Press down arrow to select the the next series in the list and repeat the process at step #1,

When a corrupted series is selected, step #2 will fail.  Delete the series and try again to modify series priority.   A corrupted entry will not record anyway.  

If it still fails, there is at least one other bad series entry.  Continue testing each series until all bad entries have been found and deleted.  You will then be able to set series priorities again.  Don't forget to add back all the corrupted series entries that you deleted.

Update: 3/20/2019  The error occurred again this afternoon after the DVR was rebooted for periodic maintenance.  This procedure was used to find and delete a corrupted series entry and series priority was able to be modified again.  What remains unknown is why rebooting the DVR in the middle of the afternoon would cause a series entry to have been corrupted.  I wouldn't expect the daily program guide update to have been occurring during this time.

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