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The DVR keeps cutting off at the end of the shows.

The DVR cuts off the last bit of shows.  I thought it used to be just CBS, but it’s happening more and more and on other networks.  I have reboot the DVR but that didn’t help.

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    Just for clarity, are you saying the DVR cable box cuts off or recorded shows cut off before the end of them?

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  • Same problem here. See below thread and Cox response that they cannot do anything about it.

    I am so sorry that this is happening. You are correct and we just retransmit what is given to us. I apologize that we have no to fix this. The OnDemand content does have these limitations placed on it. It would be great if we could fast forward through the commercials.




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    I have two DVR’s, 8642 &9865. The clocks on both are identical and are correct with Both DVR’s do the same thing. Padding the timing would be a problem as there are a few nights/week when I am recording on all 8 channels and it would cause non-recording due to time conflict. It is my understanding that Cox just retransmits a program from  its source so the cause of this problem is where it originates. This may be being done on purpose by the originator to make the use of the DVR problematic. What is really wrong is that you cannot Fast Forward On Demand to quickly get to the program end to see what you missed. BTW, both DVR’s are rebooted at least once/week.




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    Hi Pete,


    I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing any timing issues with the DVR. I know just how frustrating this can be and I want to help. I suggest checking all the connections to make sure they are all tight and then restarting the cable box by unplugging the power cord for about 1-2 minutes then plug it back in and allow time for the cable box to reset (it can take 15-30 minutes for a full reset).


    I have found it useful to manually pad the timing for the recordings 2-3 minutes ahead and 2-3 minutes later (adjust as needed). This allows some room for timing issues. Please give it a try and record something just for testing purposes. Please let us know the results.


    Thank you for reaching out to us for assistance, we are here 24/7.


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    with advertising, cox has no control over network programs, whether they come on early or run late.