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Simple programming for elder....

I have set up the favorites and this works fine in 'Guide' mode.

But, my elderly father likes to scroll through the channels using the Contour remote's 'CH' buttons. The 'Guide' is of no use to him.
How do I get the CH buttons to only display his 'Favorites'?


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    You don't. Favorites is only a feature of the Guide.

    He could use the right arrow to use the Mini Guide instead of the Channel buttons.

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    I don't know about Contour, but Cox TV has a "Set Skipped Channels" setting.  The channel up and down buttons will change to the next channel that hasn't been skipped.  You could skip all channels other than your father's favorites.  To view a skipped channel, the channel number must either be entered with the number keys or the skipped channel must be toggled off in settings.  Skipped channels don't appear in the Guide.

    But, I'm not sure if a new subscription to Cox TV is still available.

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