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Reporting stations for Roanoke, VA weather.

In Roanoke the towns that scroll at the bottom of the Weather Channel screen are Roanoke, Cave Spring, Hollins, and Vinton.  The problem is that these are all within a 5 mile radius.  Cave Spring is at the bottom of the mountain, so sometimes it has some different data.  The other three are all the same. 
My suggestion is that Fincastle replace Hollins,  Bedford replace Vinton, and Blacksburg replace Cave Spring.  This would give about a 25 mile radius and include some locations that are of local interest and actually have different weather.

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  • Hi Crudo4866,

    We always appreciate customers who take the time to give us their feedback and suggestions. We’d be happy to share this with our management team. You can share this feedback on the Weather Channel’s website as well.

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