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Reference Code: 3.1.3efff

I have been trying to watch the LMN network but get an error message that the signal is temporarily out with a reference code 3.1.3efff.  What does this mean? I have tried both 208 and 1208 and get the same message. Been this way for over a week now.

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    I have had excellent luck using Cox phone support.  but the one area they don't help with is the "reference code".  I always give them the code # and they always say "That means that the signal is bad" which doesn't explain anything.  They can do a remote restart to your dvr which is sometimes better than the restart you do by unplugging the dvr.  but, in most cases, you have to order a service call.  which can cost you $75 if the problem is not found outside your home. 

    I just checked channel 208 in Phoenix.  it is HBO.  what is LMN network?  what city are you in?  perhaps you can get lucky and find another person from that city who is having the same problem.... so you can know that it is not your dvr.