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Recorded shows keep shutting off while playing.

Shows we have prerecorded will play for 5-10 minutes, then suddenly goes back to the list of recorded shows, and we have to start over, or find where we left off.

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    Hi Kathy.donovan,

    I can certainly understand your concern regarding the recording. Would you be able to try recording a new program to see if you get the same issue? Also, is that same thing happening on a few different recordings?

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      Thank you David. 

      It happened on 3 separate recordings today.  The recordings appeared to be complete, but each time we'd have to open the one we were watching again and then fast forward to where we left off when it knocked us out (for lack of a better term to use to describe).  We got kind of irritated with it and stopped watching them, didn't try any others.

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        We are experiencing the same issue on recorded shows.  This problem began when the 1000 channels were eliminated.  Never had this problem on the 1000 channels