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Problem with TVJapan Scheduling of Recordings, repeats and first time recordings

I emailed to TVJapan about the Program Guide and Scheduling of Recordings pro9blems,

  Cox Communications recently changed the programming of all the channels including TV Japan which have caused a lot of problems for setting shows to record. It has become a problem to record much of the programs with the removal of the Standard Definition TVJapan channel 400 on Cox here in South San Diego and probably  for the North County's channel as listed as well. The series record function don't seem to work half of the time or at all! Please complain to Cox Communications in San Diego  about this problem. I am not really good at explaining the problem I am having but please find out why I am having these problems to set recordings, automatic record, for serials and one time recordings.

Is this a problem with TV Japan or is this a Cox Communications problem?

TVJapan's reply,


Thank you for your inquiry. We have checked the original signal sent to all service providers (such as cable, satellite, and IPTV) from our headquarter studio, however, we did not find any problems with the original signal.

 If it is a temporary loading problem or your cable box, it could be fixed easily just by resetting the box. Please try the following procedure in case you have not tried. 1) Turn off the power of your cable box 2) Unplug the power cable of the cable box for 10 seconds 3) Plug the power cable back 

If the above procedure does not work, please contact your service provider, COX, directly, and ask them to re-hit the TV Japan signal to your box.

If you have further questions or concern, please feel free to contact us at anytime.



I been having this problem since the switch from TVJAPAN 400 to TVJHD 400 and the only HD TV. 

I want and need to record TVJapan in SD mode to save storage memory space on the DVR.

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  • I have 3 9865 dvrs. Not enough storage without extra external HDDs. Open the eSata.

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  • If you have series recordings set for the standard definition channel, you will need to remove them and start a new series recording since the standard definition channel does not exist anymore. This change was made to make it easier to navigate to HD channels by pressing less numbers/buttons and the fact that standard definition channels are not very popular anymore when an HD version is available.

    I'm not sure which cable box you currently have, but it sounds like you may have an older one that does not have a very big hard drive if you are concerned about space. Our latest contour receiver has 2 terabytes of storage which should last a very long time before needing to delete recordings.

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      I have 3 9865 dvrs. Not enough storage without extra external HDDs. Open the eSata.