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Panoramic WiFi Commercial is TOO LOUD.

Happened 3 times tonight watching football on ABC. Had the volume down low and the first time the Cox Panoramic WiFi commercial came on I jumped out of ny seat as I thought someone was right behind me. The commercial starts out with “Dad....”

It is definitely about twice as loud as the other conmercials and tv program. This is a violation of the Calm Act.

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  • Hi Wazeek, loud commercials are incredibly annoying, so I understand your frustration. Cox works with programmers, advertisers, and equipment providers to ensure that the commercials that run on our channel lineup follow the CALM Act requirements. Cox airs two types of commercials: commercials that are passed through by the programmer and commercials that are inserted by Cox Media. Cox is only able to control the volume of commercials it inserts directly. Since the commercial in question is a Cox commercial, we should have control of the volume. Before we can submit a CALM Act Complaint form, we need to verify a couple of details. Check your TV audio settings to see if your TV has one of the common volume-leveling technologies, such as TruVolume, Dynamic Volume, or Dolby volume. If so, make sure this setting is enabled. Do you have a secondary audio device such as a sound bar connected to your cable receiver? If so, we need to temporarily disconnect the audio device and see if the Panoramic commercial is still excessively loud. If so, please email with the date and time the commercial aired, the channel name and number, and the best number where you can be reached. We'll be glad to submit a CALM Act Complaint form on your behalf! -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator