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outage san clemente, ca.

Mar 10, 10:15pm pst until at least 1:45am - total system outage, no cable or internet.  Confirmed by one phone csr and one chat csr, but after three hours, still no mention of the outage on the Cox Support, Outage link.  Why isn’t that page accurate?  Oh, after three hours, the third chat CSR said no one had reported an outage for this zip code.  I know I did.

Get it together please Cox.  The outage is fine, they happen.  But the incongruous responses and inaccurate online info are subpar.

UPDATE: Tier Two solved the problem.  As Always.  Just ask for tier two

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    Hi there, I apologize the page wasn't updated to reflect the Outage information, but I'm glad to hear your services are now working.  You are correct the online and over the phone information should match!  Thanks for your feedback - we appreciate your patience during those time.