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Online TV listings only go up to 1043.

I usually go to 1003, and page up through the rest of the HD channels. Now it stops at 1043. If I enter 1044, it won't respond. If I click on "Show HD Channels" it does not respond. 

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    according to cox the tv listings on the web are down we can';t even see any in omaha when using the website

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      Hi Andrew, Cox used to display the Standard Definition (SD) channels on the lower numbers, and the High Definition (HD) channels on the "one thousand" channels. In other words, the SD channel was 14 and the HD version 1014. This has since been changed, and when you tune to an SD channel, you will now receive HD programming. The video format has been dual-mapped so that the HD channels are also set to the SD channel location. We are always striving to make changes to the channel lineup, with the goal of enhancing the consumer experience. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator